19 January 2007


16 January 2007

Bridging some Gaps

Misbehaving causes me Angst. Or —more accurately — malaise.

14 January 2007

More Lips


12 January 2007


Just a reflection — a mere window dressing.

11 January 2007

Tagging in the Dark

Walk on the wild side. Paris Metro. Sometimes there's blood on the wall. They call it "Accident voyageur".

07 January 2007

Nota Bene

Post it!

Mere Mortals

Think about it.

06 January 2007

(God)Mother of Performance

Valentine de Saint-Point (circa 1905) made it all happen before WWI. She's one of our TAG*ART great heroines.

01 January 2007

Year 007: James Bond is back!

What If?