31 May 2007

And The Party Is Over

30 May 2007

So Black So Sad

Last Grab


Pacific Palisades: Obituary

"Minute de Silence".

Statement of Fact

29 May 2007

Soft Power

Powered by gum arabic (+cola -coca = secret recipe) Ha, ha.

Man @ Work #2


Man @ Work #1


Wallpaper #2

Wallpaper #1

24 May 2007

Please Take A Seat

Rue Ordener, Paris

23 May 2007

Give Me La Luna

Reguliersdwars Straat (Centrum), Amsterdam. Dec 2006

22 May 2007

Tribute To Villeglé

Rue Feutrier, Paris

Rue de la Gaîté, Paris

Remains of the french presidential campaign...

21 May 2007

Urban Legend #1

Place de l'Alma, Paris

20 May 2007

What's New Pussycat?

19 May 2007

The Wall

Rue Aubry le Boucher, Paris

18 May 2007

High Bling

Low Bling

17 May 2007

Cat Power

Ext. Institut Sainte-Marie, Bruxelles

16 May 2007

Pattern Recognition

Red berets sometimes drive Russians crazy.

French Subway

Why Not?

Paris Viewed From Brixton

Kinky Brits!

Metro Bliss

Just Paris.

15 May 2007

Rainy day

Zo & les Dents de Scies.
French band, new album 'Sous mon pébroque', next gig : June 5th.
Info + mp3 + videos +++ : here

13 May 2007


Paris, la Folie Dénoyez, Belleville

Are You Talking To Me?

11 May 2007


"Nighthawks", © The Art Institute of Chicago.

Notice the way Edward Hopper achieves his effects. There is a difference between the painting's Nodal Point (the point where the lines of the painting converge) and the Focal Point (the place where the eye is finally drawn to). The long insistent diagonal of the cafeteria crosses with the diagonal of the street on the left side of the painting. Normally X marks the spot, and that intersection where the planes collide is where the eye would typically be directed, but Hopper grabs the attention away from the left of the picture and pulls the eye to the extreme right via the acid yellow lighting and the lady in the red dress. One of the reasons he can mute the focus on the streetcorner is that he cheats on the perspective, making the sidewalk impossibly wide and the street impossibly narrow. The vamp is definitely the Focal Point of the painting, but her distance from the visual center helps make her isolation more pronounced.

So too do our eyes follow the diagonal trail of reflected in the Automat's window. However, the lights lead to nowhere, a black void, and so our eye drops down to the girl framed in shadow drinking coffee alone; the night is cold enough that she's still wearing one glove (note the tiny radiator trying to heat the big room with plate glass windows). Again, this distance between the Nodal Point and the Focal Point helps reinforce the subjects loneliness and alienation.

Some critics mention a connection to Hemingway in the Nighthawks, and we think the comparison is apt. Both the writer and the painter shared an economy of style, clean and uncluttered, with a sense of deeper meanings lurking below the surface. We've always read the diner as offering a kind of sanctuary for these lonely city dwellers. These are not barflies, after all. Its a testament to how important it is to have a nice quiet place to go late at night when things are tough and you just need a cup of coffee. The beauty of Hopper is that he's open to various interpretations, so much so that plays have been written about what is transpiring in that diner.

Swiss Diner

08 May 2007

Asphalt Jungle

This appealing mural lasted only 48 hours. Call it "urban Darwinism".

07 May 2007

The President The French Will Love To Hate

Yesterday, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of France. This morning, the writing was on the wall: "Sarkofage" — a pun on his name (OAD: "SARCOPHAGUS: a stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations") In French, this is called "double entendre."

Ooh I'm a Bad Girl

06 May 2007

Is He Ready?

Torn Ad (Paris Metro)

Girly grin, but shrink-wrapped and rubber-proofed. "Lafayette nous voilà!" said the GIs on that rainy D-day.

05 May 2007

Wondering & Pondering

04 May 2007

Crazy Right

03 May 2007


02 May 2007

Let's Face It!

01 May 2007

May Day